Best Leg Day Workout

Legs, a very important but often forgotten part of the body. The amount of people with a mountain for a body with the smallest legs is laughable, your legs are the pillars to your kingdom and to hold it up you must have strong pillars. Stronger legs can improve speed, strength and stability to ones self, in the blog post we will be giving you the best leg workout to big those pillars.

There is four parts to the leg, the hamstring at the back of the leg and the front three muscles, the Vastus Medialis, Vastus Lateralis and the Vastus Intermedius. These four components plus the calf muscle are what we will be focusing on.

Front Leg


Squats are the best and the most common leg workout you can do. You can really get a good pump plus with the addition of weighted bars you can strengthen your legs for that 3-D look. Make sure when performing squats you go all the down and back up in a controlled fashion. This exercise can be done with a dumbbell too, just have one dumbbell in between your chest and squat down. 10 – 15 reps of 4 sets.


Lungs are another common workout used for the Vastus part of the leg muscle. As shown you can perform this workout with dumbbells, bar bells or body weight. You can do this workout by using a bench or chair, place one of your foot on the top of the bench and perform the lung. This elevation increases the difficulty which result in more gains. 12 – 20 reps of 4 sets for this workout.


Hip Trust/ Dead Lift

Hip trust is the best hamstring workout that you can do. By planting your feet solidly on the ground, you can perform the hip trust. This workout is great for the hamstring to build bigger size and increase explosive power if you are an athlete. Another hamstring workout is similar to the dead lift but instead of having the weight on the ground, you are holding the weight up right and the slow bring it down then back up. This really helps improves your hamstring and gives it a good stretch. 15 – 20 reps with 4 sets.

If you want any extra workouts for your legs, the machines are your answer. We will not be listing them out as we are aware most gyms may not have them. Feel free to use the machines but will believe these workouts above are the best for maximum gains.


The calf muscles are often forgotten when working out the legs, although they don’t need as much work as the other leg muscle group they’re still a very important part to build. The seated calf raises are great for building muscle, size and strength. This workout can be done standing too with a weighted plate as the edge you use to raises yourself off. If your gym has them, machines can be used too. 20 – 30 reps of 4 sets.

Reps and Sets

For the legs you want to go heavy with high reps

Start with a rep range of 15 -20 reps

Sets of 5

Increase the weight but try and keep the same rep range if you can.

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