Best Push Day Workouts

Push, Pull days in the gym is a method of training specific muscle groups for high volume and on a constant bases. Its predecessor, the ”Bro Split” was not a ideal method for muscle growth as it targets one muscle group per week, which will not maximise muscle growth. A standard push day focuses on the chest, shoulders and triceps. In this blog post we will show you the post workouts to be performed on a push day and provide you with a push day workout plan.


You want to start with your chest cause its the biggest muscle to work.

Incline Bench Press

Upper Chest, the hardest to build so its the one we train first. Incline bench press is one of the best workouts for the upper chest due to the fact that you can overload the weight to achieve hypertrophy, the breaking down of muscle fibres to be repaired bigger and stronger.

Dumbbell Incline Bench Press

Another upper chest workout you can do is a dumbbell incline bench press. This one you can good very have and really overload the chest. Keep in mind your form, when lifting down bring the weight all the way up as this may cause injury. Instead bring it up close to full extension.

Bench Press

For the Full chest there is one that’s the best, Bench press. The bench press is the best for strength and building muscle. Its also i very versatile exercise as it can also target the front delts and the triceps.

Cable Flies

And to end a very good chest workout, Cable flies are the one to go. Very versatile and can be done with the cables set low to target the lower chest or more central to target the whole chest. Cable flies provide a good stretch and shapes the chest, the added bonus comes from the resistances the cables, it gives the workout at extra challenge for optimum gains.


Military Press

The Military Press Is a very good shoulder workout to do. This requires you to stand to perform the exercise. Because you will be standing while doing this workout, your core will be engaged. The only down side to this is that you can’t really add a lot of weight on but it makes up for it with the addition of the core.

Seated Shoulder Press

Seated Shoulder Press is just like the military press but of course you are seated. By sitting down you can now overload your shoulders because your back is supported by the bench.

Rear Delt Flies

Next we must hit the front and the rear delts to give the shoulders that 3D look. For the rear delts, the rear delts flies are the best. This can be done standing to and it really gets the rear delts working.

Front Delt Raises

And to end your shoulder workout the front delt raises are the one to finish off on. With this you can super-set this with the shoulder flies to really finish your shoulder off. [Super-set is when you complete one exercise and immediately go to a different exercise targeting a different muscle group]


For triceps, you don’t need to do much workouts due to the fact you would have workout the triceps at some point in your workout but here’s to extras to really work your triceps.

Triceps Extension

Finally the triceps. The Triceps Extension is a very good workout for the triceps, this can be performed on the bench or with seated up right with a dumbbell. You can really overload the weight with this workout.

Triceps Dips

The last workout for the triceps is Tricep Dips. This workout is the more difficult one but great for the triceps, front delts and the lower part of the chest, we call it the three in one dip.

Reps and Sets


For the chest you want to go very heavy when working out, so for the rep to set range you should progressively get heavier with less reps.

Sets of 4 – 5

Start with a rep range of 10 – 12

Decrease the reps if you increase the weight between sets.


For shoulder you can go heavy too but not too heavy just in case of injury.

Sets of 4 – 5

Start with a rep range of 15 – 20

Decrease the reps if you increase the weight between sets.


For the Triceps you don’t need to drop the reps but you can use the same format as the chest rep to set range.

Sets of 4 – 5

Start with a rep of 12 – 15

Optional: Decrease the reps if you increase the weight between sets.

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