100% Hemp Protein

This is the best type of plant base protein you can get right now in the market for many reason. Hemp is very beneficial for you are it improves not only an increase in physical health but improve other aspects of your life. Hemp can improve skin disorders, reduces the risk for heart disease, incredible source of nutritious and protein and it also reduces your risk for PMS and Menopause.

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Top 3 Diets To Lose Weight

There is no way to target the fat stored in our belly area on it own, we must burn fat from are whole body. Although exercise can increase the amount of calories we burn, but the main think we must be focus on, the more important part is our diet. In fat lose we can relay on calories in and calories out but its not the best way or the most reliable method. To understand what diet is right for you we must know the science behind it.

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The Importance of Sleep


Did you know, we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, Sleep is a function every living creature does, sleep is not lost time its a critical function for your body to bounces and regulate your neurological orgasm system. Sleep is important for your brain, 1/5 of your body circuitry blood goes to the brain. The brain need rises to process our thoughts, the hippocampus which is located under the cerebral cortex is responsible for the brain to storage and process memories.

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