The Importance of Sleep


Did you know, we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, Sleep is a function every living creature does, sleep is not lost time its a critical function for your body to bounces and regulate your neurological orgasm system. Sleep is important for your brain, 1/5 of your body circuitry blood goes to the brain. The brain need rises to process our thoughts, the hippocampus which is located under the cerebral cortex is responsible for the brain to storage and process memories.

Sleeping for Athletes/Working out

Sleep is very important if you’re an athlete because a good night of sleep can increase the athletes reaction time by double or even triple its normal time. Sleep deprivation increases the likelihood to make mistakes which can lead to bad plays, lower effort or even injury due to lack of focus. As for performance, sleep deprivation doesn’t affect peek performance but lack of sleep we make you unable to keep that peek performances for long. You get tried quicker then normal, effecting your performances.

Lack of sleep effect your body, when someone is sleep deprived their body has trouble metabolising glucose for energy, that’s why why you feel energetic to workout or do anything but sleep.

So how does sleep affect muscle and working out? When sleeping your body is balancing hormones . The anabolic hormones like testosterone and IGF-1 are released when sleeping. If the first cycle of rem sleep is disputed, the release of this hormones become slower, slowing down muscle repair and muscle growth. Sleep can aid in weight lose too, you lose 55% more fat and keep 60% more muscle for a good night of sleep.

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