Top 3 Diets To Lose Weight

There is no way to target the fat stored in our belly area on it own, we must burn fat from are whole body. Although exercise can increase the amount of calories we burn, but the main think we must be focus on, the more important part is our diet. In fat lose we can relay on calories in and calories out but its not the best way or the most reliable method. To understand what diet is right for you we must know the science behind it.


Insulin is a fat storage hormone and it is directly linked to fat loss. Here’s the best way to controlling and lowering Insulin levels. Insulin is released to control your blood sugar by pushing glucose into your muscles and liver for energy. High insulin will cause no fat burn because you body can get energy from the glucose in your blood storage. Insulin blocks fat lose and stores more glucose as fat.


The hormone that is the opposite to insulin is known as Glucagon. After the glucose from you muscles and the liver, your blood sugar drops. When your blood sugar drops too low , your glucagon raises blood sugar by converting glycerol in fat cells to glucose for fuel. Now here are the diets to follow.

Diet.1 Fasting

Fasting as the title impaled is basically not eating for long periods of time. Fasting lowers insulin and increases blood sugar due to lack of food. Its important that you don’t overdo it as starving yourself will the opposite affect, when you body is starving it storage fat instead of using it as energy, It also will eat away on your muscle at the same time.

They are different methods to this diet plan, Intermittent fasting. The lowest level for beginners to fasting, its a time based fast that gives the user a 8 hour feeding period with a 16 hour fasting period. This 8 hour period can be decided by the user based on his or her own lifestyle. The more advance method include the Warrior diet, the originated from the olden days where warriors will conserve food when out in war. This type of fasting has a 20 hour fasting with a 4 hour eating period. The last two is the more advance method as its simple just One meal a day diet and long duration fasting, this is when you don’t eat for 2 to 7 days. Keep in mind, if you have any medical issues, this diet is not the best for you. Fasting is the best diet method to lose fat fast but of course, know your body before trying this. If you want to have a fasting diet plan/guide, click the link below.

Diet.2 Keto Diet

Keto diet is a very good diet to follow, this is because your insulin levels are low due to the type of food you will be eating. Keto diet will involve 75% of fat, 20% protein and 5% carbohydrates. Ideally you want to have less percentages of carbs in this diet, around 20 to 50 grams of it. I know, I know, fat in a diet? Yes!! The reason this works is because it does a good job keeping you blood sugar low and limits the amount of glucagon the body has to use for energy. The idea of this diet is to get your body use to using fat for energy and not carbs. Instead of carbs, your liver breaks down fats and convert them into fatty acids and ketos, which in turn give you energy. Try out the keto diet plan today by clicking the link below.

Diet.3 Carbs Cycling

Carbs cycling is the easiest diet to follow at of the other two, it limits the carbs intake in the diet without getting rid of the them all together.

With carbs cycling you have days where you can eat more carbs and replenish your glucagon stores. Carbs cycling won’t drop insulin levels as low as the other two diet plans but it works, especially when you’re weight training. Lifting weights burns through the glucagon, on your high carb days your body allows itself to use fat as fuel.

In this diet plan you usually have a high, moderate and low carb day and cycle between the three. Ex; Monday 100 grams of carbs, Tuesday 50 grams and Wednesday 200 grams and repeat.

If you are just trying this you can try it simple version, is just high to low carb days. You don’t have to follow the number of grams to a T, for you it can be more or less. If you want a meal plan for this diet, click you link below.

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